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First Stage Presents
October 18 – November 10, 2019

By Alvaro Saar Rios
An adaptation of Ghost Wings by Barbara Joosse
Original Music and Lyrics by Dinorah Marquez

Ten-year-old Pilar breathes deeply of her grandmother’s rebozo to relive memories of her beloved abuelita—making corn tortillas, dueling the monsters under the bed and journeying to the forest known as El Círculo Mágico. Slowly, the scent begins to fade – and with it, Pilar’s memories. Amidst the monarch butterflies’ annual migration and Día de los Muertos celebrations, soar with Pilar on her journey in this bilingual world premiere play, discovering that “when you love someone, they never really leave you.”

Performance runtime is approximately 90 minutes, including intermission. Suggested for families with young people ages 5 – 17+

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Top 10 Reasons to See

Reason #1: Abuelita
Because we know that abuelita is always with us, telling us, “Que Dios te bendiga.”
Porque sabemos que abuelita estará siempre con nosotros para decirnos, “Que Dios te bendiga.”

Reason #2: Four Years in the Making Reflects First Stage’s Commitment to Milwaukee’s Latino Community
This creative journey started four years ago when First Stage decided to bring to the stage Barbara Joosse’s book Ghost Wings. The result is ON THE WINGS OF A MARIPOSA, a heartwarming story about Latino values and Mexican traditions.
Esta jornada creativa comenzó cuando First Stage decidió adaptar el libro Ghost Wings de Barbara Joosse en una obra de teatro. El resultado es ON THE WINGS OF A MARIPOSA, una conmovedora historia sobre nuestros valores latinos y tradiciones de la cultura mexicana.

Reason #3: Young Talent from Neighborhood Schools
The talented young performers from ON THE WINGS OF A MARIPOSA attend the following schools:
Los talentosos jóvenes actores de ON THE WINGS OF A MARIPOSA asisten a:
La Causa Charter School, Golda Meir High School, Deer Creek Intermediate School, Bruce Guadalupe Community School, Milwaukee School Of Languages, St. Josaphat Parish School, Downtown Montessori Academy, Bayside Middle School, Wisconsin Connections Academy, Franklin High School, Forest Park Middle School, and Brookfield Academy

Reason #4: Spanish is Poetry
Because Spanish is such a beautiful language–it’s being used in ON THE WINGS OF A MARIPOSA like poetry to emphasize cultural context and to remind us of our own Latino heritage.
El español es utilizado en ON THE WINGS OF A MARIPOSA para recordarnos de nuestra amada herencia latina: nuestra música, colores y sabores.

Reason #5: Talented Local Artists
ON THE WINGS OF A MARIPOSA is the theater adaptation of the book Ghost Wings by Barbara Jooss, brought on stage by playwright Alvaro Saar Ríos, Latino Arts Strings Program and Mariachi Juvenil Director Dinorah Márquez, and Costume Designer Jazmín Medina.
ON THE WINGS OF A MARIPOSA es la adaptación teatral del libro Ghost Wings de Barbara Joosse, creada por el Dramaturgo Alvaro Saar Ríos, la Directora de Latino Arts Strings Program and Mariachi Juvenil Dinorah Márquez, y la Diseñadora de Vestuario Jazmín Medina.

Reason #6: Three Generations of Latinas
ON THE WINGS OF A MARIPOSA the bond between three generations of strong Latinas is like no other.
En ON THE WINGS OF A MARIPOSA, el vínculo entre tres generaciones de mujeres latinas de espíritu fuerte y vivaz no se compara con nada.

Reason #7: Latino Arts Strings Program
Dinorah Márquez masterfully created the music for this play – and even recreated the sounds from the Magic Circle using pre-Columbian instruments. She also directed the talented young musicians from United Community Center’s Latino Arts Strings Program in the recording of the music for this play.
Dinorah Márquez escribió la música y la letra para ON THE WINGS OF A MARIPOSA. También recreó, con instrumentos precolombinos, los sonidos de la naturaleza que se escuchan en el Círculo Mágico, y dirigió a los jóvenes del programa Latino Arts Strings de United Community Center durante la grabación de la música para esta obra.

Reason #8: Monarch Butterflies and the Magic Circle
The Magic Circle is a place in Mexico where millions of monarch butterflies arrive to protect themselves from the cold and to breed, after their long journey. This magical place is beautifully portrayed in ON THE WINGS OF A MARIPOSA.
El Círculo Mágico es un lugar en México a donde llegan todos los años millones de mariposas monarcas para protegerse del invierno y reproducirse, después de un largo viaje. Este mágico lugar está bellamente representado en ON THE WINGS OF A MARIPOSA.

Reason #9: From the Lens of a Young Girl
ON THE WINGS OF A MARIPOSA is shared through the distinct and youthful lens of ten-year-old Pilar, and all audiences, young and old alike, can connect to it.
ON THE WINGS OF A MARIPOSA es una conmovedora historia contada por Pilar, una niña de diez años, quien nos hace sentir lo más profundo del amor entre una niña y su abuelita.

Reason #10: It’s a Heartwarming Celebration of Day of the Dead
The vibrant tradition of Day of the Dead celebrates the lives of departed loved ones, and death as a natural part of life.
La vibrante tradición del Día de los Muertos celebra la vida de familiares que han fallecido, y la muerte como parte natural de la vida.