Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is part of the Terms of Use of MiVoz. In this Privacy Policy, we summarize the information, including Personally Identifiable Information, we collect; in some cases, when and how we collect such information; and how we use such information. Personally Identifiable Information, which we also refer to as “PII,” is information that enables a third party to identify or contact you. Your PII includes, for example, your name, mailing address, e-mail address, and phone number. PII also includes, for example, information that describes you in such a way that third parties can identify where you live.

In this Privacy Policy, we use terms that are defined in our Terms of Use.

We reserve the right to supplement and revise this Privacy Policy at any time, from time to time, and without notice. When you are on the Site or reading an E-Newsletter, you are subject to this Privacy Policy as in effect at that time. PLEASE READ THIS PRIVACY POLICY CAREFULLY. It is your responsibility to be familiar with this Privacy Policy whenever you use the Site or access an E-Newsletter. If you do not accept this Privacy Policy, you must immediately leave the Site and close our E-Newsletter.

This Privacy Policy applies to information you provide to us when interacting with the Site or accessing an E-Newsletter. If you provide information, including PII, to us by other means, for example over the phone, by mail or in person, this Privacy Policy does not apply to that other information.


When you search or browse the Site or read an E-Newsletter, you will not be required to provide PII. When you search or browse the Site, we may collect anonymous, non-PII that your browser makes available when you visit any website. The information we collect may include, among other things, the Internet Protocol address of your Internet service provider, the type of browser you use, the pages you visit on the Site and the advertisements you click. We may use that information to help diagnose problems with our Services, to administer the Site, to collect aggregated information and to improve the Services.

When you search or browse the Site, we may send you a specific, user-session “Cookie.” We may use Cookies to personalize your experience on the Site and/or, for example, to control how we display advertising to you so as to ensure you don’t, for example, see the same advertisement repeatedly. Our cookies contain only a small, anonymous piece of identifying information called a session id (like a random number) that we track while you are on the Site. Most browsers include settings that will notify you when you receive cookies and enable you to disable cookies. Typically, you can find those settings by visiting the “help” section on your browser toolbar. If you disable our cookies, certain elements of our Services may not be available to you.


If you use our Ticketing Services, you will be required to provide all the PII required by the event organizer that is organizing the event for which you wish to make a reservation or buy a ticket. We will transfer that information to the organizer in question, but we have no control over how an event organizer will use your PII. The event organizer in question may use your PII for any and all purposes including, for example, to solicit you for purchases, contributions and services, or may sell or rent your PII to other companies or individuals. If you do not want an event organizer to use or transfer your PII, do not provide us with your PII, although that likely will mean you will not be able to make a reservation or buy a ticket on the Site. An event organizer may include privacy undertakings in its event posting, but MiVoz cannot ensure that an event organizer will comply with the privacy undertakings, if any, an event organizer includes in its event postings. If you do not trust an event organizer to comply with the privacy undertakings, if any, it includes in its event posting, do not provide us with your PII, although, again, that likely will mean you will not be able to make a reservation or buy a ticket on the Site.

If you buy a ticket on the Site, you will pay for the ticket on PayPal. You will be required to provide PII, including personal financial information including, for example, credit card and/or bank account information, to PayPal. We have no control over what PII PayPal collects or how it uses that PII.



To use our Event Management Services or receive our E-Newsletters, you will be required to create an Account and provide an e-mail address, mailing address, phone number, zip code and other PII. To create an Account, you will be required to create a password, and each time someone seeks to access your Account we will take reasonable measures to verify that such person is in fact you. We may use the PII you provide in connection with your Account if we need to contact you regarding a problem with your Account. You are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your password and the accuracy of your Account information at all times.


If you use our Event Management Services, you will be required to provide information regarding the person or organization hosting the event you wish to publicize, for which you are soliciting reservations or for which you wish to sell tickets. You will be required to name an event contact person and to provide information regarding your event venue and other details concerning your event. We may publicize that information in E-Newsletters, at other Web sites and/or in other media placements, and Users may use that information to make reservations or buy tickets and attend your events, but Users may make other uses of that information as well. Once you post Content on our Site, we will have no control over how third parties use that Content.



If you desire to receive our E-Newsletters, you must provide us with your e-mail address. We will use that PII to transmit E-Newsletters to you. You can “opt-out” from receiving E-Newsletters by following the instructions to “E-mail Preferences,” and each E-Newsletter will contain instructions you can follow to “opt-out” from receiving future communications. It may take several days to process a request to unsubscribe.



The Site includes contact information for Users who wish to contact us. If you contact us and provide a valid e-mail address or other PII, we may reply using that information. We may use your feedback to guide us as we develop new features and services on the Site.


From time to time, we may provide advertising inquiry forms on the Site for those who wish to advertise on the Site. If a User submits information via one of these forms, we will use that information to respond to such User’s inquiry.


The Site contains links to other websites. If you choose to visit and/or use the services provided by those sites, you may be asked to provide PII. If you provide PII when interacting with other websites, we will have no control over how those websites use your PII. While other websites may have privacy policies, we cannot ensure that other websites will comply with their privacy policies. If you do not trust another website to comply with its privacy policy, do not provide your PII when interacting with that website.


We take what we believe to be appropriate precautions to protect information provided by our Users. User information is stored on secured servers behind physical and software firewalls. The network on which the MiVoz hardware and software reside provides significant protection for Denial of Service attacks, Man in the Middle attacks, IP Spoofing, and Packet Sniffing. The data centers we use to host our network are protected by strict physical access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection systems. When logins and passwords are entered through the website, this data is encrypted for transit using SSL technology, but we cannot guarantee that data transmission over the Internet or data storage technology is 100% secure. In particular, e-mail sent to or from the Site may not be secure. You should take special care in deciding what information you send to us via e-mail.


In addition to the other uses summarized in the Privacy Policy, we may use any information, including PII, generally to manage the Services and our business.

Except as otherwise noted in this Privacy Policy, we do not sell or rent to other companies or individuals the information, including PII, that you provide.

If you provide information, including PII, for a certain reason, we may use your information in connection with the reason for which it is provided. For example, if you contact us by e-mail, we may use your e-mail address to answer your question or resolve your problem. We will use the information, including PII, you provide to obtain access to Services to provide you with that access and to monitor your use of the Services. By way of further example, we may use your PII to process payments for purchases you make, to deliver tickets, products or services you request, to manage your Account and to provide you with Services.

We reserve the right to use and disclose your PII when we believe it is reasonably required to protect our interests, rights, reputation or property or those of our Users, affiliates or business partners.

We will use third party independent contractors to provide Services. Third parties may, for example, provide underlying data network, host our web servers, provide data storage, deliver our e-mail, or provide marketing materials or advertisement. We may provide your PII to such third parties in connection with the work they do for us, although we cannot be responsible for their compliance with our Privacy Policy.

As we develop the Site and business, we may sell or buy businesses or assets. In the event of a corporate sale, merger, asset sale, reorganization or similar event, we may transfer information, including PII, in connection with that event.

As we develop the site and business, we may provide your e-mail address and/or other PII to other Latino-centric organizations with whom we choose to co-operate on projects or events.

We may share aggregated information with others. For example, we may disclose the number of users who search for “Event X” or who click on a particular advertisement. This aggregated information will not contain information that is personally identifiable or traceable to a given User.

We may be asked by law enforcement or judicial authorities to provide PII to appropriate governmental authorities. We reserve the right to disclose any PII upon receipt of a court order, subpoena, or at our discretion in order to cooperate with a law enforcement investigation. We reserve the right to share any PII to cooperate with law enforcement agencies in identifying those who use our Services for illegal activities. We reserve the right to report to law enforcement agencies any activities that we believe to be unlawful. We reserve the right to use and disclose PII to protect against, identify or combat fraudulent or otherwise unlawful activities.


If there is a possibility that we will sell nonaggregated PII to third parties, we will notify Users at the time we collect that PII, and we will allow Users to opt out of having their PII used for such purposes.

If you have created an Account and wish to review or modify the PII contained in your Account, you should visit the Account Profile settings. If you wish to change, modify or delete other PII that you have provided to us, or you are a “customer” as defined in Cal. Civil Code Section 1798.83 and desire the information to which you are entitled thereunder, you should contact or Crismari LLC, PO Box 11533, Milwaukee, WI 53211.