What is MiVoz.com?

MiVoz.com is an event listing website for all interested in discovering community events related to our Latino community and culture, or events that are inclusive of our Latino community. We do what we can to get the word out on events with “mi voz” (“my voice” in Spanish). MiVoz.com is also an online event management platform for organizations to post, promote and manage their relevant events.

What is a “relevant event”?

MiVoz.com defines a “relevant event” for this website as one that is related to our Latino community and culture, or one that is inclusive of a Latino audience. Community events may include but are not limited to those hosted by 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations as well as promotional activities and events hosted by local businesses and others (e.g., vendors, artists, entertainers). If you know of a relevant event that is not already listed on the site, please feel free to contact us. MiVoz.com is open to all interested in community-building events.

How much does MiVoz.com cost to use?

MiVoz.com is free to search and add relevant community events to our site. It’s also free to setup free registrations or tickets. (Note: Free registrations or tickets before the use of any discount codes on paid registrations or tickets.) For paid Registrations or Tickets, MiVoz.com service fees are comprised of: 1) ticketing fees of $0.99 per attendee registration/ticket and 2) online transaction fees of 2.9% applied to total order amounts plus $0.30 per order.* We use PayPal’s secure payment transaction service to process online payments and no financial information is stored on our site.*

*If you would like ticketing service fees and transaction fees added to your ticket costs, the percentage fee is slightly higher to ensure that all fees are covered and passed on to your attendees.

We typically process proceeds to event organizers within 2-3 working days (Monday through Friday) after an event. Electronic payouts may be possible within 24 hours if you provide us with an email or phone number associated with your bank account. Otherwise, an e-check will be processed within 2-3 working days and it will take 5-7 working days to be received.

What is the difference between Community Tickets and Partner Registrations & Tickets?

MiVoz.com provides different tools for event organizers to collect online attendee information for various types of events. The level of tools provided will vary by your organization’s MiVoz.com account type:

  1. Community event organizers: Register here first and then create Community Tickets. Community Tickets allow collection of general attendee information (name and email) for free or paid tickets. E-tickets will be emailed to attendees who have paid. Unique QR codes are included but you may request to have them removed, if needed.
  2. Partner event organizers: Partner organizations can access Partner Tickets and Registrations– more ways to manage different types of events and types of attendee information. You must submit a request to become a Partner event organizer to provide us with more details about your established business or nonprofit, as well as your organization’s primary contact.
    • Partner Tickets allow collection of customized attendee information for free or paid tickets with e-tickets emailed to attendees who have paid. Each ticket generated has a unique QR code (code may be removed, if needed).
    • Partner Registrations provide collection of customized attendee information for free or paid registrations and with email confirmations sent to registered attendees. No e-tickets with QR are sent, just emails. In addition, Partner organizations can email their attendees as needed.

How do I create my Community Tickets?

Once logged in, click here to view and add your Community Tickets.

How does my organization sign-up as a Partner event organizer to utilize Partner Registrations and Tickets?

First, you must submit your Partner Event Organizer Request. We will notify you when the request has been approved. The approval process is part of our site’s quality control measure to ensure that event organizers, site visitors and attendees are provided assurance for the community events that they will be able to register and buy tickets for. You will be required to submit your 501(c)(3) nonprofit or business Employer Identification Number (EIN) in the Partner Event Organizer Request.

Do I have to use MiVoz.com Registrations and Tickets services?

No. If your organization has its own RSVP & ticketing services then you may include the link to them on your public event page.

What are the benefits to using MiVoz.com’s RSVP & ticketing system?

MiVoz.com’s Community Tickets as well as the Partner Registrations and Tickets are free to use for free registrations and tickets. (Please note: Free registrations or tickets are before the use of any discount codes on paid Registrations or Tickets.) For paid ones, ticketing fees are a low cost of only $0.99 per attendee registration or ticket. (Payment transaction fees are separate.)

Our online tools help you manage your event’s attendance and online ticket payments. You can keep track in real-time of your confirmed event attendees, including those with completed payments and those that are pending. Our Partner Registrations service also allows event organizers to email unconfirmed and registered attendees for various reasons– for example, to notify them when a payment still needs to be collected or to send an automatic reminder email in advance of the event.

Can I customize the Community Tickets or Partner Registrations and Tickets that I create for my organization’s events?

The Community Tickets service collects basic name and email information for each paid ticket type or free RSVP ticket type. You can create multiple ticket types.

The Partner Registrations and Tickets provide greater customization of attendee or ticket information. You can collect various types of information and create discount codes. You can also design custom questions for each ticket type through customized fields based on your event needs.

Partner Registrations and Tickets Customized Field Examples:

  • Do you need attendees to choose between specific meal types (e.g. chicken, beef or vegetarian meal) so you can order the correct number and types of meals? You can create a drop-down question for each attendee to select their meal preference.
  • Do you need attendees to inform you of which workshops they plan to attend so that you can make sure the room sizes are adequate? You can create a list of workshop options where attendees can select each workshop they plan to attend.

How can I help MiVoz.com?

MiVoz.com is an independent social entrepreneurial business with limited resources. The best way you can help us is to stay connected with us to hear about upcoming events. You can also help spread the word with your family, friends, co-workers and others about the events they can discover at MiVoz.com.