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The Dollar Dance: Knowing What You’re Worth and How to Get It
Hosted by: Abriendo Puertas
Thursday, February 15, 20185:45 pm - 7:15 pm
Persuasion is a life skill many job seekers fail to recognize as an important tool of success. Strong persuasive abilities are essential in the workplace. For example, persuasion is useful for the following: to negotiate your salary, to convince your director or colleagues to take action on your new idea, to agree to a commitment, or to even purchase a new service or product.

Join us Thursday, February 15, at Marquette University AMU Lunda Room to learn how to develop your persuasive skills and how to use them in your next internship or full time position. Our speaker will also discuss how to negotiate your salary with preparation strategies, best practices and offer additional resources.

Register using the link listed below:

AMU - Marquette University

1442 W Wisconsin Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53233

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