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Member Organizations: Publishing & Promoting Your Events
General FAQs – Answers

What is
Mi Voz means “my voice” in Spanish. is a bilingual event listing website for anyone interested in exploring Milwaukee-area events related to the Latino community and culture. also serves as a site where organizations can post, promote and manage their relevant events online.

What is a “beta”?
The term “beta” in our logo refers to the early testing phase of our website. The site continues to be fully tested for errors and this beta version was released to the public in late 2010. This is an “open” beta launch which means that anyone can test out the website. These are early days for and so we ask that you please be patient if you come across any problems. In fact, please help us identify any issues, improvements or ideas and contact us with that feedback.

Is free?
Yes. There is currently no charge for posting relevant events onto the website or for the use of our basic RSVP & Ticketing system. It is also free to register as an individual user or organization. expects to generate most of its revenue through advertising, sponsorships and cause marketing related services.

What is a “relevant event”? defines a “relevant event” for this website as one that is related to the Latino community and culture, or one that is targeted at a Latino audience. Events can include community events hosted by non-profit organizations as well as promotional activities and events arranged by local businesses and others (e.g., artists, entertainers). If you know of any other local and relevant events that are not already listed on the website, please feel free to contact us. is open to anyone interested in these relevant events. One of’s goals is to build community… one event at a time.

Who can post events on
Any organization or individual (e.g., artist, entertainer) that hosts a relevant event is eligible to post an event. You must first register on in order to submit your events. Registration is free and simple.

How does work?

Registered organization members can use the website to post and promote their relevant events.’s basic RSVP & Ticketing system is free and can be used to help efficiently manage event attendance.

Individuals can locate relevant events that may interest them by using our easy-to-use event search filters. Registration is not required for individuals since event searches are free and open to the public. Any event may be downloaded to an Outlook, Google or iCal Calendar. Individuals that are also registered members, however, may save events to create their own customized Calendars. Members will also soon be able to opt-in for customized e-newsletters that feature upcoming current events that may specifically interest them.

Where does get its local event information? compiles event information from the Internet, user-contributed content and local publications and flyers.

What if I know of a relevant event that is not on the site?

Please contact us and let us know whatever you know about the event and the event host – particularly any contact information. Share with us these events so can become a more complete local events listing site and so that others in the community can benefit from it.

How can I help is a local and independent startup with limited resources. The best way you can help us is by spreading the word. Please tell every one you know about Tell your family, friends, co-workers and others. You can also help us by providing feedback on how to improve the site. Any help is appreciated as we try to build a better site that you and others in the community can benefit from.

Member Organizations: Publishing & Promoting Your Events – Answers

How do I invite guests to a published event?

First, create an invite message that will be sent to all invitees of your event. This invite will be sent to your guests as they are invited. All invite messages automatically include a link to your event on Alternatively, you can use a standard invite from if that is preferred.

Second, create your invite email list by doing any or all of the following:

  • Import email addresses from your Outlook, Google or Yahoo address books; or from iCal vCard (.vcf) files
  • Invite Facebook friends
  • Enter email addresses manually separated by commas
  • Upload a tab or comma-separated file (.txt or .csv) of contacts; the file must contain a header row with the following fields: ‘email’ (required), ‘first’ (optional first name), and ‘last’ (optional last name).

Note: Please only invite your friends, customers/clients or other constituents that have explicitly opted-in to receive emails from you.

What event graphics can I upload for my organization’s event?

Your organization’s logo along with any sponsorship logos (as a single graphic) can be uploaded to your event’s information page. You may also upload an event flyer. Each image must be a GIF, JPEG, PNG, or BMP file less than 2MB in size.

Can I provide a link from to my organization’s own website event page?

Yes, there is a field where you may share the direct link to your organization’s event page. The goal of is to make it easy for individual users to seek out your event information and share your site’s event information.

Do I have to use RSVP & ticketing services?

No. If your organization’s website already provides its own RSVP & ticketing services then you can just include the link to your tools on your public event page.

What are the benefits to using’s RSVP & ticketing system?’s basic RSVP & ticketing services are free and easy to use to help you manage your event’s attendance and ticket payments. You can choose to use RSVP-only or the RSVP combined with electronic ticketing. If you use the ticketing service, you can set how many electronic tickets to disperse and when the ticket sales should start and end. By using both RSVP & ticketing services you can also keep track in real-time your confirmed event attendees, including those with completed payments, those that are pending, and those that have received an invite for the event but not yet responded.

Can I customize the tickets I create for my organization’s events?

Yes. allows you to customize your tickets based on your event needs. You can choose to require basic or detailed information for either the ticket buyer or for each attendee. In addition, you can create tickets according to whether you have an individual attendee or a corporate sponsor that would like to purchase a table of 10 attendees, for example.

Can I collect custom event information such as whether someone prefers a certain type of meal, or which workshops within a conference a particular attendee will participate in?

Yes. enables you to design custom questions for each ticket type through a customized survey that you create based on your event needs.

  • Do you need attendees to choose between specific meal types (e.g. chicken, beef or vegetarian meal) so you can order the correct number and types of meals? You can create a drop-down question for each attendee to select their meal preference.
  • Do you need attendees to inform you of which workshops they plan to attend so that you can make sure the room sizes are adequate? You can create a list of workshop options where attendees can select each workshop they plan to attend.

Does my organization need a PayPal account to use the RSVP & ticketing services?

Yes. relies on PayPal for the ticketing transaction portion of its RSVP & ticketing system. Registration is simple and free with PayPal, which is an online payment service provider. PayPal allows anyone to accept major credit card payments without purchasers having to login to the PayPal site. Please refer back to for their transaction fees.

What is meant by “pushing” my published events to other sites? allows event hosts to “push”, or promote, their events beyond the website. From their homepage, registered organizations can post their event to their Facebook page and comment on it, or they can even tweet about their event on Twitter. In addition, allows an organization to automatically “push” events to Eventbrite and Eventful – both of which are nationwide event listing websites that target the general population.

What is a “widget”?

According to Wikipedia: “A widget is a stand-alone application that can be embedded into third party sites by any user on a page where they have rights of authorship (e.g. a webpage, blog, or profile on a social media site). Widgets are fun, engaging, and useful applications that allow users to turn personal content into dynamic web apps that can be shared on just about any website.”

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